Freedom is not to be subject to all restrictions and obligations of personal or collective, physical or moral, it is a word that contains all the meanings of the creation of desire and achieve in any circumstance and at any time and thus the meaning of freedom, the meaning of significant emotional and sentimental eventually lead to accidents and realistic process, whether material or mental mentality and from here we find freedom subdivided into two types:
Biological, physical freedom and freedom of psycho-spiritual
Freedom is to determine the biophysical person or group and time to carry out biological or physical, such as an approval and then implementation of this resolution on the floor in fact commensurate with the practical application of what is in it to determine the time and place and how it used to happen and an example of this:
Determine the time of review the lesson for the student, student, and only choose the date and reviewed by, as he wanted when the time set by the solutions to review that lesson earlier.
The intellectual freedom spiritual is the unleashing of thought to keen in all areas and at the time he deems appropriate and in his own way to serve its objectives, like liberalism of the rules of logic, mental health, we find the free thought that blends fiction and fact, explains the events realistic depending on the tales of fictitious or compose
incidents of fictional facts from the fiction.
This kind of thought beyond all borders, and skips all the fonts and colors advantages in his research in the topics that they occupy. And all of this, we find that intellectual freedom may serve at times and may corrupt sometimes, and this is due to the first rule of the beginning of the process thinking, and here we find in our grasp the other freedoms of the moral such as freedom of religion and belief, it is known by Muslims at the height of their power of intellectual and military have been sentenced land stretching from the borders of China in the east to the Atlantic Ocean in the west and from Central Africa south to the city of Vienna in the European north and for several successive centuries, but they did not impose through this period of time any kind of Islamic beliefs on any category of non-Muslim and this is calculated for the Muslims who ensured of these minorities freedom of belief and practice their own rituals,
Here Imam Shafii have mercy on him, which is not permissible to even suggest husband Muslim Wife Christian into Islam as this proposal may restrict or embarrass the wife of the order to preserve the complete freedom for the latter of belief as well as freedoms known in our time and it is very important to note that the Single freedom are often used in inappropriate becomes the right word is intended to void, has heard politicians hail liberty of individuals and those who oppress these freedoms when it conflicts with the interests of a particular, and here the suppression of freedoms embodied in one of the European countries that flatulence day and night of freedom and sense of the High Commissioner until made it a fundamental principle of republican government and its survival and is prescribed to prevent the robe of women on the head, this is the great paradox that is emptied word freedom of its meaning and make them fall in the sophistry of modern as lost when many of the foundations of morality and of freedom, for example, find the word freedom to deliberate on it to get rid of the obstacles and barriers that separate the individual or group to achieve a particular goal and the concept in this sense falls him in the sense of Liberalism and this makes us define the meaning of freedom flour, liberalism applies to the desire of slave or prisoner of war or to freedom is incomplete, and here this meaning be understood partly of the meaning of freedom, liberty as a holistic concept branches including the principle of freedom case partial aim is to reach a desired point to cross this section.

We can also say that freedom can only be liberated; liberalism remained for decades the main concern for many communities and entire nations.

To achieve this make in the process of sampling the oppressed of all they possess the means and ideas and alliances, and even military operations or fighting within the field that killed millions of victims and contrast, we find that groups or entities repressive of freedom refuses to release their victims, we find the occupier of the land refuse to abandon them, and we find occupier of wealth will refuse to abandon them on the tug rope and in this context.

Entered the suppression of freedoms ranging development rights, in the communities are gone man was a slave to a man like him on racial grounds, and here identify us all the social ills other, corruption, oppression of all kinds of physical, slaves who live the life of the dead, sans rights to the extent that they are in several places of the Old World were considered non-human creatures, they adytum’s them to sit with their masters and the marriage of the daughters of masters or even to express an opinion and the like of individual rights, and with the passage of time, and the continuing struggle of freedom began to take a larger space, although the contrast in the expanded space occupation also until it became the day of freedom in certain areas an absolute but it does not warped from the limits of the occupation set, we find women for example, struggled to reach what it is the freedom, I have become with the passage of time of the creature unclean prevents him from entering the church to the sister-sponsored the Lord and respect for Christians loyal, but they do not deviate from the logic and the teachings of the Church, and here show the limits of freedom, freedom is absolute sense does not exist, and therefore freedom is required, so you see in our occupation of new empires occupation traditional colonies, we find the latter respond to the repression of freedoms of its personnel, without knowing, which has been termed occupying the cultural, intellectual, and here we see a great empire of Rome even stronger in its time extend its hegemony on the modern world moving from the absorption of ideas crushed and melted down in the form of sophistry of modern concepts.
Foe example so that the individual is directed to a particular area in which free and more freedom from absolute, without another area under the banner of desires and inclinations and capabilities, so these individuals are free in how to dress and appearance and belief and movement, but they are not allowed to be free in the exercise of policy or the performance of military service, and from the suppression of freedom in the new millennium has become a systematic survey, tactful, contains a lot of literature and the sweetness and malice, so that the systems occupation, it takes thought and mind, and restrict their freedom, without knowing that this mind occupied for the state that all the in the midst of the ideas that follow a certain trend.
the Arab today accept ideas alien to the beliefs and his life and inherited scientific, cultural, however, accepted the basis of justification formula by the marketers of these ideas tightly, for example we see of the Arab Muslim to go with his wife on a trip to the beach, the wife
attires clothes flagrant violation of her body and are convinced that this action by the freedom of appearance, and accept the Arab men inherent idea of his wife boasts appearance curious about their culture and belief and the community who knew no one else from the logic of Mode, for example, becomes a principle the idea of failure, which was born in Arab society floor valid to accept all is peculiar in the recent past of liberty which the individual about the Arab concept Sevstaiya, and here we add freedom of movement and residence, so we find the young Arab intellectual who is one of the elite of the Arab nation migrate to Europe from the Commission on this idea, sophistry, and increase the happiness of this young man Arab immigrant carrier of culture and science when he finds Europe to grant him full freedom of residence and work ignoring the fact that Europe itself, which refuses to give freedom of movement and residence for the youth of other Arab all of his enjoyment cast European civilization, not something they do not they consider a promising future in science and services exploitative.

Here, highlights the vast difference between freedom and demonstrate the freedom, the former as we have stated previously meaningful best, serving mankind, humanity, and the key of the keys to good, but in our time substitute in the second sense of demonstrating freedom in order to achieve the narrow interests of those lying and behind the face of free total.
In this area, and the transfer of the meaning of freedom to demonstrate their found identical to the story of the Pope and the Christian, as happened one day, a man came to the church and proceeded in supplication to the Pope asking him to mediate for him with the God to forgive him this last sin heedless of his faith, what was A Pope for this individual but to the Savior advised him, saying: "demonstration of faith."

From here we can say that our time has produced two classes of people, the first free living in a luxury material and moral, and freedom of knowledge and intellectual and physical and biological gained from colonialism and the looting of freedom of a second tier demonstrated by freedom, justice and equality in rights and duties and other of slogans, making the second layer captive ideas imported and may ask, what class the first lady and second-class nature of the captive?
The first layer in our view are a few for this wide world, it does not exceed 9% of the population of the great empire.
Penetrated in the centers of decision-making and judge the orientation of policies and information flow, power, administer control over the rest of the world, make that 9% of absolute freedom, by signal kill peoples, and signal other deprived people of water, and the idea of the ideas of shopping whole populations to the way a shepherd Cow in Dallas, Texas.

This is a superstitious era of freedom in which we live and the biggest tragedy in my mind wander is the fiduciary of the class they are enslaved captive in the false freedom. Today we are in the moment of choice and I am inclined to say that: << Either live with a smile satisfied with free or die with scream>>